Event description

We’ve created SQL logins and even Active Directory ones. We have granted and denied permissions to objects in our databases. We have even set up TDE to protect our data at rest.

But how do we keep the excitement going when it comes to continuing to protect our databases even further?

We start with a review of the basics and then dig into the different aspects of securing our data using these and other options available to us.

For example, SQL is pretty generous in granting access. It’s true, and changing just one value in our configuration literally flips SQL to be stingier when granting that access.

Change our service account passwords on a schedule? Let’s set up accounts to handle it automatically! Let’s make our servers trust each other and get integrated security to work with linked servers! No more setting up SQL Logins with way too much access.

These are just a sample of the demos and labs we will go through together during this day of making SQL Security exciting.



Chris Bell

  • WaterOx Consulting
  • Chris Bell is a 20+ year veteran of using Microsoft products & SQL Server to create solutions for businesses, organizations and individuals. Chris speaks, blogs, writes articles and makes media of all kinds regarding SQL Server at WaterOxConsulting.com

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Event handbook

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USB drive

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