01 – Overview of SQL Security Basics

We will kick off by going through base security concepts so we can all start on the same page.

Some of the items to be reviewed:

  • Principals – What are they?
  • Server Roles – What roles come pre-baked in SQL Server and can we create custom ones?
  • DB Roles – What about when it comes to the database level roles?
  • Securables – What are they?
  • Schemas – what is a schema and how do they relate to security?
  • Permission statements – Grant, Deny, Revoke – what do they each mean and how do they work?

During this session, we will also make sure your copy of SQL Server has the sample database loaded and basics IDs, roles, and permissions configured to let us work together through the rest of the day.


Duration: 60-minute discussion and hands-on lab work.